Portfolio | Ruben Wesselink

Ruben Wesselink

Strategic Game Developer


A Save environment where elderly people can practise all the functions of a tablet.
We devided this project into phases. Only phase one is currently in the game.

Phase One:

Basic tablet interactions.
- Tap
- Swipe
- Double tap
- Tap and hold
- Pinch to zoom
- Rotate

Phase Two:

Semi advanced tablet functions.
- Copy/Past
- Type
- Selecting in between words

Phase Three:

Online challenges.
- Use Google
- Look up someone on Facebook
- Search a video on YouTube
- Read the news on a news website
- Look up a place on Google Maps
- Dive in the settings of their touch devices


This game is being programmed by two people at the same time. We made a scripthandler based on references that controlled all the other scripts we linkt on to it. Because of this contstruction we as programers could work at the same time on our part of the game.