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Ruben Wesselink

Strategic Game Developer

Game Concept

Atlas is an Applied-Game that focusses on dealing with your inner demons and created at the Living Lab Applied Game Jam. With this little game you could write your deepst fears or problems away.
The game is meant to be used as a first step of telling your troubles to someone else. Alot of people struggle with their problems daily and don't know how to talk about it. With this game they can try to formulate their problems so when the time comes when they are ready to share the troubles with a person they know what and how to say or explain the trouble they are dealing with.


My job with this project was to create the "Pool of Thoughts". The Pool of Thoughts is the space where all your troubles and up when you have wrote them away from you. You could visit this place and see how many problems you've dealt with. For this perticular piece of code and situation I've used the PlayerPrefsX plugin to optimize the time and quality scale. If this project wasn't a Game Jam game I would have used XML for saving game states.